Salvage / salve-age

What happens when something is salvaged that was first believed beyond redemption?

In this violent age, is there a salve for our wounded humanity?

Capitalism has caused environmental degradation, disconnectedness, and disease. In response, Salvage/Salve-age seeks to reclaim, redeem and exchange material objects in a gift economy, re-connecting people through acts of salvage, healing the wounds inflicted by capitalism’s unsustainable path. The project creates alternatives to the alienation of labor and throw-away culture of capitalist society.

Salvage/Salve-age utilizes the concept of creative redemption and healing to illuminate other approaches to economy that empower communities and question Capitalism’s claim to the “American Dream.”  It is both an examination of metaphoric “salvaging” on personal, communal, and societal levels and an exploration of the implications for salve and gifting salve to those in need of healing.